Auspex Radiant Hydronic Heating

A supreme level of comfort and high heating efficiency, underfloor heating has become a popular way to heat Australian homes.

Due to its supreme level of comfort and great heating efficiency, underfloor heating has become the popular way to heat European homes. Auspex is now providing a complete in-slab underfloor heating system into Australia – Auspex Radiant. Our comprehensive system has all the components required to perform an underfloor heating installation, including Auspex Radiant pipe and Auspex crimp fittings, manifolds and control valves, and time-saving Smart Clips for fixing the pipe to reinforcing mesh.

The manufacturing research and development operations based in Australia have allowed the Auspex Radiant product range to be created with the local climate, codes and building practices in mind. Equally, this enables the product range to evolve in quick response to future local market changes. Installation of the underfloor heating system is undertaken by Auspex Radiant trained and certified installers.

Through the Auspex Radiant training and certification process, installers obtain a complete understanding of the system and procedures for a compliant installation. Distribution of the product range through the extensive Reece network ensures local availability and support. In partnership with Auspex, full assistance is provided from purchase to install and beyond.