A world leader in hydronic heating, Purmo delivers European style and quality matched with energy performance.

The advanced design of each Purmo Compact radiator allows for high output and responsive control of the heating process. This ensures maximum comfort during temperature ‚fluctuations.

Purmo hydronic systems are designed for zoning. This gives you the freedom to heat individual rooms or areas within your home – helping to reduce energy costs.

Unlike ducted systems, hydronic heating does not dry out the air or circulate dust particles that can trigger allergies and asthma. This makes Purmo the healthy choice for health conscious families.

Reliable and easy to clean, Purmo is a proven low maintenance technology that matches high-end design with absolute performance.

Built to last, all Purmo radiators undergo stringent anti-corrosion and fininishing treatments to ensure long life.

lt’s why Purmo can off er an impressive 25 year warranty.