Hydronic Heating

Radiate heat in your home

The 2 disciplines of hydronic heating are underfloor which is where water is pumped threw piping in slab and the other is radiator systems where water is pumped to rads on walls in each area requiring heating.

Have you ever wondered what it is about beautiful European homes in winter that makes them so inviting? Hydronic heating is a mainstay in English and European homes, keeping the delights of winter in, and the cold and chills out.

Bring European style, superb design and finish into your home with  hydronic radiators. Radiant heat warms objects rather than air by natural convection and radiation, and has been described by converts as a clean heat, without the noise and dust associated with conventional ducted heating.


The secret behind the ultimate in luxury and comfort across countless European homes, hydronic heating is becoming ever popular in Australia. A flexible solution for any home, hydronic heating can operate through natural convectors, panel radiators or as underfloor heating, offering flexibility and a tailored heating solution to suit the needs of your home or commercial project.

Unlike conventional central heating that pushes air around through vents, often circulating dust and allergens, hydronic heating provides homes with a clean, silent heat, and can be a better heating solution for those with asthma and allergies.

With hydronic heating systems, a boiler heats water which is then piped through coils, transferring the heat by natural convection through homes and other spaces. Hydronic heat can also be used with solar boilers, adding to its environmental credentials.

These are all options to heat water in Hydronic. They are called the "Heat Source"

Hydronic heating not only benefits the health of your family, it is also proven to be much more cost-effective than running traditional central heating.

The smart choice for your office or home, hydronic heating offers stylish design, innovation and quality all round.

Specialised hydronic heating solutions for your home or workplace, Climate King offers the best in European quality and design supported by Italian-made Immergas boilers.

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Your Local Heating Specialist

Locally owned and operated Climate King understands our climatic extremes, and that's why all our solutions are tailored to suit our local conditions.

Discovering that your system has effectively stopped working during a winter frost or snow fall would be an unpleasant surprise to say the least!

We can fulfill all your heating requirements utilising our extensive experience, a qualified team of professionals and a comprehensive range of heating systems and products including ducted heating systems, wall-hung heaters, gas inserts, free standing wood heaters, open fire places and more.

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